Daltaí Cónaithe
Iarbhunscoil lán-Ghaelach lae agus (lae-) cónaithe do bhuachaillí agus cailíní is ea Coláiste an Phiarsaigh. Is í an Ghaeilge an teanga chaidrimh ag múinteoirí agus ag daltaí sa scoil agus taobh amuigh di, agus tá dualgas ar gach dalta Gaeilge a labhairt. Tá ról speisialta ag daltaí cónaithe i gcur chun cinn na Gaeilge agus caithfidh daltaí cónaithe a bheith sásta glacadh leis an ról sin.

 Coláiste an Phiarsaigh is an all-Irish Post primary School. It is co-educational and caters for both day pupils and (day-) boarders. Irish is the sole medium of instruction and communication. Students are obliged to speak Irish at all times and boarders should note that they occupy a special place in the promotion of the Irish language within the school community and they must be willing to fulfil that role.


The attention of parents is directed to the following rules of the school
 • Pupils must return to school on the appointed first day of each term.
 • Leave of absence during term will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.
 • Smoking is strictly forbidden as is the use of alcoholic drink.


1 Duvet, 2 fitted sheets (single), 2 Duvet covers, 2 pillow cases.
Sleeping bags are not acceptable.
Each item of clothing and all bed linen must be clearly marked in marking ink with pupilʼs initials and surname.


Twice yearly progress reports will be issued, at Christmas and Summer times,
along with a monthly boarderʼs report which is intended to inform
parents/guardians of the pupilʼs boarding behaviour and study habits.


School holidays generally are as follows:-
Christmas - two weeks
Easter - two weeks
Mid-term holidays: First term at Halloween
Second term - Long weekend mid. February
All students go home from 3.30 p.m. on Friday until 8.00 p.m. on Sunday. A study session will be arranged on Sunday night between 8.15 – 9.30 p.m.. Late-comers will not be welcome. Special arrangements may be made to return to school on Monday morning.


FEES:  Le Socrú